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Modern Architecture in Peru is growing up

The new " Lima Marriott Hotel & Office Building " stands in the district of Miraflores in front of a very modern artificial park which is on top of a shopping center built over the cliffs of the city ("Larcomar Shopping Center", which we will describe in another article ) and has wonderful views of the Pacific Ocean. (Top left picture)

This important project of five-star hotel, office building and commercial retail facility will be connected with Larcomar by an underground pedestrian way. It was designed by the international architecture office "Arquitectonica" one of whose owners is Peruvian architect Mr. Emilio Fort Brescia. The wonderful lines are a landmark in the urban landscape because it is one of the tallest buildings in the city and has a shining facade made of blue crystal.

It´s an example of "skyscrapers" that are changing Lima´s face (the capital of Peru), a wide metropolis with almost 8 million inhabitants, where the development of "Modern Architecture" is welcome. By the way, in the sophisticated financial district of San Isidro, we can appreciate the construction of new extraordinary projects (banks, department stores) which we will analyze in other articles. (Top right picture)

Horizontal Architecture

But not all projects are vertical volumes, despite their sizes, like Banco de Credito (the largest bank in Peru) main office building or the new US Embassy building, both having been in use for some years. These buildings are landmarks in the suburban low-height volume areas where they are built and they are an exercise of architectural fusion between traditional and modern international-style architecture.

Some projects waiting for construction

Eclectic characteristics in Lima´s architecture allow many Peruvian architecture offices propose singular buildings as the ones we can see in these pictures. Some of them already built, like the luxurius appartment building on the left side, or the functional office building on the right side.Other buildings are waiting for construction (the 3 central pictures) like " Centro Financiero de Lima " financial center, Hilton International Hotel and Hyatt Regency Hotel, that will also be installed over the cliffs in front of the ocean.

* All pictures have been taken from Arquitectonica´s web site (

Updated  : 05/31/07